Collection: milkywatercolor

It's been 20 years since I encountered watercolor painting.

From the moment I picked up a picture book, I fell in love with watercolor painting.

The picture in the picture book is a watercolor painting with a sense of transparency and good color development.

I was fascinated by the pictures as well as the content of the story.

I want to draw a picture like that picture book,

Then I started painting with watercolors.

I used to draw what I could see

One day, I had an idea.

than drawing what you see

I wondered what would happen if I drew what came to my mind.

Not a fixed shape or color

If you try to draw as you like

I noticed that the depths of my heart were excited and I was healed.

After that, I started painting mainly abstract paintings.

From now on, various “shapes” and “colors” drawn in the picture

Snuggling up to the daily life of the viewer,

It cheers up the hearts of those who see it

I would like to draw such a picture.


🌟Exhibition at the Louvre Museum in France in 2024🌟

I vaguely hoped that someday it would be nice to have a solo exhibition near my house.

Thanks to a wonderful relationship, you will be able to see my work in Paris, France!

I'm still talking about the future
I'm already excited 😊

For the exhibition, I would like to challenge myself to create works that are many times larger than my previous works!