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What is NFT art? Explanation of sales and purchase methods

I don't understand the difference between NFT art and regular digital art! I think there are many people who say that.

I hope this will be of some help to those who say, ``I'm interested in NFTs, but I don't really understand...'' or ``It seems kind of difficult.''✨

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・What is NFT art?

・How to create and sell NFT art

・How to purchase NFT art and make a profit


・What is NFT art?


First, to briefly explain NFT, NFT is "digital data with a certificate of authenticity and certificate of ownership."

Up until now, digitally created items can be easily copied and reproduced on the Internet, so unauthorized reproduction or falsification of data has been viewed as a problem on social networking sites.

For better or worse, digital art has been viewed as having a lower asset value than existing works such as paintings or three-dimensional objects, because it is easy to handle.


However, "NFT art" has successfully solved this drawback!

By treating digitally created works as "NFT art" to protect them from being copied or tampered with by a third party, the world's only digital works come with a certificate of authenticity and certificate of ownership that cannot be counterfeited . This proves that it is a work of art and can now be easily sold.

・How to create and sell NFT art


I kind of understand about NFTs, but I don't know how to actually create and sell them! For those who


Actually, creating and selling NFT art is not that difficult !


If you are someone who regularly does digital art, you can sell your work immediately by turning it into NFT!


◎Data created with paint software

◎Drawing photos are taken and converted into digital data.

◎Digital data created from the app


As long as you have digital data in jpg or PNG format, all you have to do is register and sell your work with a service that handles NFTs.


Register the created digital data on the NFT-dedicated marketplace → Create an account for virtual currency to buy and sell and virtual currency to store it (digital currency converted from Japanese yen, required for trading NFT art) All you have to do is wait for the registered work to be purchased!


...By the way, marketplaces that handle NFTs have started to open in various places as awareness has increased.

It may seem safest to register and sell on a major service, but since this is a genre that is attracting attention all over the world, we have of course heard many stories of people falling victim to fraud.


FROM ARTIST-NFT- is recommended for those who want to sell digital art with NFT, but are worried about doing it all by themselves!


FROM ARTIST-NFT- is a service that accepts your digital works and sells them as NFTs on behalf of artists.

The fees are low, and best of all , it's a service provided by a Japanese corporation , so even those who are worried about listing overseas can do so with peace of mind!

Since we sell overseas, you can present your work to a wide range of users, both domestically and internationally.

We have already rolled out the platform for Japan, so even those who heard about FROM ARTIST for the first time through this article can register with confidence!


↓Click here for FROM ARTIST official website↓

・How to purchase NFT art and make a profit


First of all, as for how to purchase NFT art, the mechanism is almost the same as the mail order site that you usually use.

Instead of Japanese yen, transactions will be made using virtual currency for trading in NFTs .


Additionally, purchased NFT art can be bought and sold by the user who purchased it.

...If you just cut this out, isn't it the same as reselling, which has been seen as a problem up until now? You may think so, but it's a little different.


NFT art is given a "Certificate of Authenticity/Certificate of Ownership" that cannot be counterfeited , so even if it is sold somewhere, the creator and seller can be identified.

Furthermore, when a work is resold by someone else, the original owner of the work receives royalties (resale fees) , so even if the work is resold, the profit still goes to the creator. It has become. As a result, we were able to take resale, which had been seen as a problem, in a positive direction by handling it with NFT art.


By the way, the virtual currency used in NFTs fluctuates in price over time , just like stocks and real estate .

Depending on when you purchase virtual currency or when you withdraw it, you may end up with a negative amount compared to the original amount , so you need to predict when you withdraw it and what will happen to the price in the future before converting it into cash. Please note that there are!


With FROM ARTIST-NFT-, you can buy and sell purchased works within the platform , so it is easy to buy and sell, and it is easier to make a profit than doing NFT as an individual .

Also, since it is used not only in Japan but also overseas, the number of users is large and active! !


↓ Click here for the site ↓




◎NFT is digital data with a certificate of authenticity

◎If you prepare digital data works, you can immediately turn them into NFTs.

◎To use NFT, a dedicated currency and account are required.

◎Just like stocks, the value of currency fluctuates over time, so be careful.


If you are worried about starting alone, why not register and sell NFT art at FROM ARTIST-NFT- ?

There are few fees, and all you have to do is prepare an account for virtual currency, and the Japanese staff will handle the rest of the communication, so even first-time users can feel at ease.


・Flow to register FROM ARTIST-NFT-


◎Those who are considering registering as an artist

You can easily get started by simply registering your artist information and works on the official line!

If you are even a little curious, please check it out here.


To all artists


◎Those who want to purchase works

FROM ARTIST uploads paintings and artworks by approximately 300 registered artists every day.

New works are uploaded every day, so be sure to check it out!


Don't miss this opportunity to try NFT art!

 Author: Fumitori Tsumugi

FROM ARTIST management staff. We write feature articles and columns, and provide operational support from an artist's perspective.

While I usually teach at a vocational school, I am also active as an artist, holding solo exhibitions and public exhibitions.


Supervisor: Shoma Toida

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