Dear Artist,

​Recruiting artists

​FROM ARTIST is a place for artists to showcase and sell their works to enthusiasts around the world. We aim to create a place where each work, whether famous or unknown, can be fairly evaluated. There are no initial fees or monthly fees. Once the work is sold, we will pay you the system usage fee minus 20% of the sales amount.

Flow of service usage

Register as an artist for free from official LINE

Please register as an artist from official LINE. You can register as an artist by simply answering some simple questions. Don't worry, there is no cost to register.​

Exhibiting works

Once you have registered as an artist, you can submit your work for sale. You can easily list your work by simply sending images and introductions of your work through the official LINE.

Sales of works

The sale is complete when the work published on the site is purchased. Please send the work to the purchaser's address, and once the arrival is confirmed, you will be able to withdraw the money.

Features of FROM ARTIST

FROM ARTIST helps artists maximize their value. We offer a wide range of support to spread your work to the world, such as introducing your work in feature articles and distributing production scenes and interview videos on YouTube.

Also, FROM ARTIST is a service that supports artists to make a living solely through art. Therefore, in order to keep our fees as low as possible, we do not accept storage or shipping of works. By having artists take care of themselves, we hope to reduce service usage fees and return as much money as possible to everyone.

You can easily list your own works on LINE

Anyone can easily submit their work by simply filling out the specified format. (Simple screening available) No complicated management is required; everything from sales to receipt of proceeds is possible just by exchanging messages with the person in charge.

Increasing attention with artist features

Those who cooperated in interview articles and filming of production scenes will be introduced on the website and official SNS. Increased attention will lead to more sales of your work.

You can also announce your own solo exhibitions and participating events.

FROM ARTIST allows artists to announce solo exhibitions they host and events they participate in, in order to support their activities. Of course, there is no cost. *Terms and conditions apply for publication, so please contact us on LINE for details.

Register as an artist for free from official LINE