​FROM ARTIST is a place where artists can sell their works. Many artists from all over Japan are participating. Please find your favorite works and artists. Additionally, all works listed on FROM ARTIST are shipped free of charge. Please purchase with confidence.

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Flow of service usage

Purchase works

If you find a piece you like, please complete the purchasing process from within the site. Anyone can purchase it as easily as on a general mail order site.

Once you have received your artwork and completed your purchase, please wait for the artwork to arrive from the artist. (It may take about 1 to 2 weeks to arrive.)

Features of FROM ARTIST

1. You can meet artists you haven't seen yet.

FROM ARTIST is a place where artists, famous or unknown, can post their own works. Find your favorite works from all over Japan. An encounter with an artist you haven't seen yet may be waiting for you.

2. Know your thoughts on the work

FROM ARTIST features works and interviews with artists. By learning about the path to completion and the artist's thoughts behind the work, you will be able to enjoy the work more deeply.

3. You can support artists

There are many artists who find it difficult to make a living solely through their creative activities. By purchasing their works, such artists will be able to continue their activities as artists. Find your favorite work and have them purchase it. That is the greatest support for artists.

About the management of FROM ARTIST

FROM ARTIST relies on the cooperation of artists in its management to create a platform for artists. I hope that by getting involved in the operation of the service from an artist's perspective, I will be able to realize an even better service.

Request from FROM ARTIST

At FROM ARTIST, the artists themselves handle the production, packaging, and shipping of their works. Therefore, it may take some time for the item to arrive, or the packaging may not be very neat. Of course, since this is a work that I created myself, I would like to express my gratitude to the purchaser and do my best to deliver the item carefully and responsibly, but since the work is done by an individual, there may be some imperfections. Masu. We kindly ask for your understanding in this regard. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us. Together with the artists, we will take responsibility and strive to improve.

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