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FROMARTIST management members

Let me introduce you✨

I will introduce it in several parts.

Today is the second part!


Name: Fumitori Tsumugi

Role: Managing works, following artists, creating feature articles, etc.

Profile: Born in Ehime, lives in Osaka.

I've loved drawing since I was a child, and currently I'm working as a teacher at a vocational school, doing other teaching activities, and participating in solo exhibitions and public exhibitions.

I really like sparrows

This year, I started living with my long-awaited sparrow!

The sparrow's name is Tsukudani.

Ultimately, my goal is to make a living from my paintings 🎊

Comment: I am registered as FROM ARTIST myself, and I am also helping out behind the scenes 🙇‍♀️Every day is exciting as I have the opportunity to experience new works and challenge new fields! !

At FROM ARTIST, I would like to be able to support the management from an artist's perspective, so I will continue to do my best 💪


Name: Shiori

Role: Managing works, following artists, etc.


97line|Cooking|Camera|Illustration|Interior|Snowboarding|Bouldering|Manga|WEB Design


I've loved drawing illustrations since I was a child, and now that I'm an adult, I'm excited to be able to experience art as part of my job!

I will do my best to follow you, so please follow me!

I feel very happy to be able to draw a picture that makes someone happy.

"Wonderful" art from all the artists

With "nice" customers

I hope it will be the "best" encounter.


Name: Himari Nakajima

Role: Creating feature articles, conducting interviews, managing SNS, etc.

Profile: Tokyo/millennium baby/art/147cm

While attending an art university majoring in Western painting, he not only creates paintings but also creates fashion shows, event planning, documentaries, performances, movies, and acting under the theme of "art in everyday life."

I hate battles, categorization, and frameworks. I like people, love, freedom, art, and retro things.

He lives by his senses, and his friends say he is a demon of action.


I look forward to seeing people who would never have met in this world come across each other, encounter each other, and create stories through "art."

And I hope that as many crying faces as possible in this world will turn into smiles.


These members will support your works and artist platforms.

Thank you for your continued support of FROM ARTIST.

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