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This is a special feature on "Large size works" ✨

When you look at FROM ARTIST's work page, have you noticed that the sizes are listed as Large works, Medium works, and Small works?

If you just look at the work on a screen online, you will have a preconceived notion of the actual size of the work, so you won't be able to correctly perceive it.

So, please look at this special feature with the preconception that it is a ``large work''!

Artist name: Akira Yamashita

Title of work: Color and shape

Genre of work: abstract

Work URL: https://from-artist.com/products/irotokatachi

FROM ARTIST STAFF Comment: This is a colorful work whose presence became a hot topic at the first special exhibition the other day. It measures 83cm long x 68cm wide, so it will completely change the atmosphere of your room.


Artist name: Chichi

Title: In the park

Genre of work: Everyday life

Work URL: https://from-artist.com/products/kouende

FROM ARTIST STAFF Comment: Although it is quite long at 935 x 333, it is well framed. It's a shape you don't see very often, so depending on how you decorate it, you can create a variety of expressions.

Artist name: idogaeru

Title of work: Divine Deer

Genre of work: Conceptual

Work URL: https://from-artist.com/products/kamishika

FROM ARTIST STAFF Comment: It is 60cm tall and 50cm wide, so it is smaller than the previous two works, but since it is painted on a wooden panel with acrylic paint, it seems to have a different presence.


Artist name: michi yamamura

Title of work: Lost in the land of paradise

Genre of work: Urban

Work URL: https://from-artist.com/products/tougenkyounimayoikomu

FROM ARTIST STAFF Comment: The pink color is bright and this piece will give you energy when you look at it. It's long, measuring 60cm high x 90cm wide, so if you hang it on the wall, it may create an illusion of the scenery outside the window.

Artist name: Nishino Komachi

Title of work: Withered rose in my head.

Genre of work: Conceptual

Work URL: https://from-artist.com/products/atamanonakanokaretabara

FROM ARTIST STAFF Comment: This is a very unique piece and has a unique presence. Measuring 80cm long x 65cm wide, you can transform your room into a unique one just by displaying it. .


What did you think?

Each work is not only large, but also detailed, and you can easily imagine that it took a tremendous amount of time to produce them.

It might be a good idea to come into contact with the soulful works of such artists and reflect on them.

FROM ARTIST is a service that currently has approximately 300 artists and anyone can easily purchase art works .

Many artists from all over Japan, both famous and unknown, have registered, so you may even come across an artist you haven't seen yet.

There are many works on display regardless of genre, so you are sure to find one that matches the atmosphere of your room!

FROM ARTIST also accepts custom-made paintings . The customer selects the artist of their choice, and after agreeing on detailed conditions between the customer and the artist, the work will be produced. Would you like to create your own piece of work, the only one in the world, with FROM ARTIST? ?


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Supervisor: Shoma Toida

CEO of BUSCA LLC. FROM ARTIST business manager. Started his career as a marketer, gained experience at a business company and advertising agency, and then became independent. Completed marketing-related programs at multiple graduate schools and business schools, including the University of California, Berkeley and London Business School. He also studied the MBA core curriculum at Macquarie University and the importance of art in education at the University of British Columbia.

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