Those who wish to sell on NFT

FROM ARTIST plans to open the NFT platform "FROM ARTIST -NFT-" from January 2023.

Artists who wish to sell at NFT, please apply from the official LINE below.

Artist registration from official LINE

FROM ARTIST -NFT- Service Overview

​FROM ARTIST-NFT- is a digital art sales site for overseas. Anyone can post, regardless of whether they are famous or not. There is no initial cost or monthly fee. If the work is sold, we will pay you the amount after deducting a 20% commission from the sales price. Also, those who purchase your NFT on the site can also sell it to other people. At that time, it is a mechanism that a certain amount of compensation is generated to the artist as royalty.

Posting conditions

1, Prohibition of parallel sales on other companies' services and own HP

Due to the nature of digital art, there is a high possibility that selling at multiple locations will reduce the value of the work, so please refrain from parallel sales on other companies' services or your own website.

2, Withdrawal of sales proceeds is carried out in Ethereum

NFT purchases are made in Ethereum. Since the amount will fluctuate depending on the time it takes to convert and the fluctuation of the market price at the time of withdrawal, we will not convert it to Japanese yen and will send it as Ethereum. After the remittance is completed, please exchange the money into Japanese yen while checking the market price yourself.

3, Prepare an account (wallet) for receiving sales proceeds

Since Ethereum is a virtual currency, it cannot be received in a regular bank account. You need to prepare an account (wallet) for virtual currency. Please be assured that we have manuals for how to create an account (wallet) and how to withdraw money.

4, The exhibition is an auction format

All works will be auctioned. Please be assured that you can set the minimum winning bid when you apply for publication.

Service usage flow

Register as an artist for free from the official LINE

Please register as an artist from the official LINE. You can register as an artist just by answering a simple question. Don't worry, there is no cost to register.​

exhibition of works

Once you have registered as an artist, you can list your work. You can easily list your work by sending us an image of your work and an introduction from the official LINE.

sale of works

The sale is completed when the work published on the site is purchased. Once we can confirm that the money has arrived at our company, the artist will be able to withdraw the money.

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If you have any questions, please contact us from the official line.

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