Collection: _m_art

From an early age, he was fascinated by the variety of expressions created by drawing and color combinations, and decided to pursue a career in design.

After graduating from university, she became involved in DTP design and jewelry design, and started a business selling original jewelry and works by overseas designers.

After getting married and having children, she became fascinated with the various artistic expressions of acrylic paintings again, and continues to produce them every day.

In 2021, he was on the verge of death due to an unknown illness, and it took him a year to almost go into remission. After that, I began to think seriously about what I could do for the world, and I felt all sorts of things through art, including the joy of living, healing, hope, and strength, and I have been able to do my best until now. Remembering this, I began to aim to create works that would allow as many people as possible to experience that experience.

There are various times in life, such as happy times, sad times, and times when you feel despair, but at any time, having a single picture can help you feel a little bit of hope and help you think. I would be very happy if I could deliver works that have a positive impact on the viewer in various ways, such as deepening their knowledge or broadening their horizons.

instsagram: @_m_art_design