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Ever since he was a child, he has been fascinated by the variety of expressions that come from drawing and combining colors, and decided to pursue a career in design.

After graduating from university, engaged in DTP design and jewelry design work, and started selling original jewelry and overseas designer's works.

After that, when she got married and had a baby, she became fascinated by the various artistic expressions of acrylic painting again, and continues to work every day.

In 2021, he wandered between life and death from an illness of unknown cause, and was almost in remission over the course of a year. It made me think seriously about what I can do for the world, and I myself feel the joy of living, healing, hope, and strength from art, and I have been working hard until now. I remembered that, and started to aim to create works that many people could experience.

There are various times in life, such as happy times, happy times, sad times, and times of despair. I would be very happy if I could deliver a work that would have a positive impact on the viewer in various ways, such as deepening one's senses and broadening one's horizons.