Collection: Yukiko Anmay

12th Picture Book Nippon Newcomer Award Ceremony
After that, he worked as an illustrator.
Received numerous awards including the Wangenkai Newcomer Award, Sompo Japan Encouragement Award, etc.
2022 ZEN Exhibition Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Exhibition ZEN Exhibition Grand Prize Winner
Hama Exhibition Board of Education Award, Tarrance Japan Award
Modern Art Association Spring Best Newcomer Award
Modern Art Association Main Store Newcomer Award
National Thumbhole Exhibition Encouragement Award
Solo exhibition at Gallery Raku
Solo exhibition at Tremolo Cube
Solo exhibition at Sagami Ono Bono
Exhibited at an Okinawan restaurant
A planned exhibition will be held at the culture floor of a hotel in Shizuoka in July.
Book The Invisible Monster of Fighting and Fighting Libre Publishing

[Twitter] @8Wh6tFAc31RkA8D

[Instagram] ammayukiko