Collection: Kazuhiro Asami

At the age of 39, I won a prize at Musashino Art Brut 2017 at the recommendation of my caseworker.

2017-2019.Selected and won a prize at the Ueno Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum International Art Award Exhibition for three consecutive years.

Started working as an outsider artist in 2017

2020.2021 Art Para Fukagawa Prize Winner/Selected

2021 1st Shift Public Exhibition Selected

Exhibited at The Doorless Tsukiji in 2021

2021 Nichisen Net Honorable Mention Award/Selected

2022 International Art Awards Exhibition Mazda Prize

2022kazuhiro asaumi exhibition

“The Urge to Draw” solo exhibition held at Shibuya Eric Clapton Gallery

[Instagram: @k _asaumi]