Collection: HIDEKI MORI

First solo exhibition in 1998
Since then, he has held a solo exhibition every year as the “Shape of Love Exhibition.”
Recent solo exhibitions
Biwako Otsukan
Head temple Miidera National Treasure Kondo
Shiga Prefectural Museum of Art
Tokyo Art in Gallery

There are a wide variety of styles that use light in form, such as flowers, angels, dragon gods, gods, healing, abstraction, and geometry.
I hope it will be an opportunity for the viewers to have a richer love. . . and continues to produce.

HIDEKI's method of drawing is based on his intuition, but at first he cannot see where he will land. When we turn our attention to a particular direction of "love", we go through a process of gradually revealing its form. It is the form of love that is needed at that time, and it is different from the form that people imagine, and it can be said to be the crystallization of pure love, and I feel that it is something that exceeds what people imagine. The process is similar to what quantum physics says, where wave energy takes on form the moment I become conscious of love. The purer the quality of consciousness, the greater the potential of the loving energy of the form.

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