Collection: Hiroshi Furukawa

■Born in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
■Graduated from Kagoshima Prefectural Tsurumaru High School
■Graduated from Seijo University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Art.

■The family he was born in ran a record and musical instrument store.

■I have been painting since childhood. The photos are from my 20s.

■After graduating from university, he worked as a production producer and marketing planner at several major record companies.
Experienced music producer at Dwango in the early days of the Internet during the first heyday of Niconico Douga
After working for a company for about 30 years, he became independent.
Music director, painter, photographer.

■I started posting photos of oil paintings and "flowers" on Twitter from around 2021 (until then, I almost never posted them.
As of March 2023, the number of followers is over 11,000. About 95% of them are overseas artists, galleries, and photography enthusiasts.

■For oil paintings, I mainly use Chinese veneer wood panels (which can be painted directly) as a support.
My favorite oil paints are from Tallens.
The solvent contains Dammar resin, making the picture relatively sturdy even without being framed.
I hope you enjoy the wood grain of the Chinese veneer. Just like the grain of the canvas, I hope it will give you a sense of something.

■It is drawn in a series called Symphonic note.
This is like a symphony being made up of four different movements and becoming one piece.
It creates an image of a ``symphony'' of different motifs.
I aim to create oil paintings that look like ``beautiful musical scores.''

■We are also conscious of chill, clam, and mindfulness.
I would be very happy if you could display it in your room (maybe even in your bathroom).
I want my oil paintings to be a little discovery every day.

■Currently, I am particular about "blue", the color of the earth, sky, and sea.
In particular, I pursue painting expression using only cerulean blue (in Europe, it is also called Hokusai blue) and white.

■I think paintings should be part of everyday life. We have made it so that it is safe to remove dust by hand.