Collection: Yoshizui

He has 40 years of professional photography experience, and started ART activities in Japanese painting, ink painting, and acrylic painting in 2023. Acrylic paintings will be exhibited in Paris in November 2023. Awarded 2nd place.
Exhibited at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in June 2023
Exhibited at Saitama Museum of Modern Art in August 2023
Grand Prize and Chairman's Award
December 2023: Exhibited Karyo Takaga at the National Art Center, Tokyo as a Japanese painting.
January 2024: Scheduled to exhibit the White Fox God from the Japanese Painting Divine Beasts series
Scheduled to exhibit in Dubai in 2025

My uncle was a Japanese painter, and as a result of his influence, Japanese paintings are the only type of art that can be created using organic paints and paper.
I work as an artist because I believe that art is connected to the nature of the earth.

Works that cannot be expressed with photos
The brush is guiding me

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