Collection: Neito Maeda

male born in 2004
Self-taught 18-year-old high school painter who creates analog paintings such as oil paintings, acrylics, crayons, etc. and digital paintings drawn with fingers on smartphones (as of November 2022)
Schools were closed due to the corona crisis, and I had more free time, so I started drawing in earnest.At the age of 16, I wanted to be a painter.
A cat fanatic who passed the advanced cat test, he created many works with cat motifs in high school. From now on, in addition to cats, I am trying to create philosophical and mysterious works with motifs such as angels and gods.
No religion.

[Major Awards]
1st Gates Art Competition Jury Special Award
2022 ZERO Exhibition Osaka Prefectural Board of Education Award, etc.
[Main exhibition history]
The 4th Hoki Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (Hoki Museum/Chiba)
Cat Painting Exhibition (Isetan Urawa Art Gallery/Saitama), etc.