Collection: Daisuke Morinaga

For the past 10 years or so, he began to draw impulsively several times a year, but he did not continue. In March 2021, he was admitted to a closed psychiatric ward due to an overdose of sleeping pills and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He began to draw regularly during occupational therapy held twice a week in the ward. There, he felt the joy of having his paintings recognized by others, and even after being discharged from the hospital, he continued to draw regularly. While using various painting materials, he continues to draw women's faces almost consistently. The reason is still unknown. He also draws self-portraits, abstract paintings, landscape paintings, etc., which he calls "the portrait series". Blindness in the right eye due to glaucoma. The resulting distortion in perception of visual and color vision information affects expression. He usually performs music activities under the name endsnotnear.