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Copperplate Painting Shop at Night
[About the author]
Miho Onodera Born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture/Currently living in Yokosuka

Using animal motifs, I express everyday scenes that catch my eye through copperplate prints and watercolors.

In particular, the production process for copperplate engraving has remained almost unchanged since medieval Europe, and even today it takes a huge amount of time to look at a single plate.

In today's world, where information and time flow at breakneck speed, art takes a completely opposite path and can be disheartening when things don't go as planned.
Rather, I continue to create works with the belief that this act of "taking the time to face something" is what is needed in the world today.

[Artist profile]
Osaka University of Arts
Graduated from Curtin University of Technology (Australia, Sydney)

After graduating from graduate school, he started working as a company employee while writing comic essays.
He published "I Did Go to an English Conversation School..." (Forest Publishing), and later serialized the English comic essay "English at the Scene" in the Asahi Shimbun and Asahi Weekly.

After the serialization ended, he resumed his work as a copperplate and watercolor artist.
He expresses the diverse world through a worldview that uses animals as a motif. He has exhibited many works both in Japan and overseas.