Collection: Rei

Contemporary art artist Rei

He uses various methods such as acrylic paint and wood burning to express fantastical, fanciful, and dreamy images.

Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College Department of Design and Fine Arts.
Many solo and group exhibitions held
Numerous domestic and international art exhibitions
2007 Kyoudou Original Tour T-shirt Honorable Mention Award
2008 Selected for Nika Exhibition Postcard Design Category
2014 Art book 《Illustrated Poetry》E-book publication
2015 Selected for Belladonna Art Exhibition
February 2019: Flying exhibition held at Otori Taisha Shrine, work dedicated
September 2020: “Rental Art Casie” and the work “Sacred Mountain Fuji” were introduced on the Sendai Broadcasting “Ara Arakashiko” program.
April 2021 Participation in the Shorinji Support Project will be featured in the news and newspapers.
2021 Miscellaneous goods & gallery Sun♡rays opens