Collection: Nobue Takei

Inspired by life and nature, such as peacocks, cluster amaryllis, and the moon, we pursue a world full of compassion and grace. The complex and multi-layered color resonances, made with the insight of a color coordinator, enhance the artist's originality.
We hold workshops in Saitama and Tokyo to make string art an art that can be enjoyed up close. It has gained a lot of support as a place to create works that are unique in the world.
2018 Started Itokake artist activities
July 2020 String artist unit ITOXITO is formed
ITOXITO Akatsuki~akatsuki~ Kana Abe Mika Kikuchi Mako Kobayashi Nanana Sugawara
Taenori Takahashi Nobue Takei Sue Tashiro Koko Matsuno (in alphabetical order)
December 2020 Exhibited at “21st Century Art Borderless Exhibition 2020-HANAGATAMI-”
(New National Museum of Art)
August 2021 ITOXITO works exhibition and sale (Odakyu Department Store Atsugi)
December 2021 “21st Century Art Borderless Exhibition 2021-KAGARIBI-”
ITOXITO Itokaito's work "Kuyuri" won the grand prize in the category
March 2022 Solo exhibition “stringart exhibition Tsujimichi” (Iwatsuki Cafe ChaTora)
July 2022 Exhibited at "Mandala Art Exhibition -Tha World of MANDARA-"
(Shinjuku Hilton Hotel Hiltopia Art Square)
July 2022 “CROSS OVER vol.39” exhibition
(Sathorn 11 art space Bangkok, Thailand)
October 2022 “KUYURI2022” exhibition (YOTSUYA ART DROPS)
December 2022 “21st Century Art Borderless Exhibition 2022-KIRABOSHI-”
Grand Prix Award for personal work “eternity memory” (New National Museum of Art)
ITOXITO Itokaito's work "Tenku no Kanade" won the overall grand prize
December 2022 ITOXITO works exhibition and sale (Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store)
January 2023 “Strinart Exhibition ~ITOXITO with Amazing Threading Artists~” Exhibition and Sales
(Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel)
April 2023 “The Radiance of Life” Exhibition (Artstone Gallery)
May 2023 “Dragon and Phoenix Exhibition” exhibition
(Artstone Gallery)
August 2023 “Mandala Art Exhibition 2023-Tha World of MANDARA-”
(Minatomirai Gallery)

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