Collection: TERUMA

As an experienced multi-creator who has worked in a wide range of fields, including interior designers, graphic designers, and photographers, TERUMA's idea of ​​design is to ``incorporate unique beauty and originality.'' The Ligne de cheveux series has a distinctive painting style that expresses the flow of hair with simple lines. Only half of the face is drawn, and the emotion of the person is expressed through the facial expressions and eye movements of that half.
The works are always fresh and surprising, and are created using unique sensibilities and techniques.The works have a beauty and a mysterious atmosphere that draw you in, and the works have a strength that makes you feel as if you are staring at them. It is filled with a variety of expression methods and approaches that attract many people.
We will continue to actively participate in events and projects, such as participating in the French art fair in January 2024 and the Italian art fair in February 2024, and expanding the scope of our activities.

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