Collection: Japanese leaf

In 2011, he learned about hemp (cannabis), which has been passed down since ancient times in Japan, and felt a strong desire to do something to preserve this culture for future generations. In 2012, he started spinning hemp thread, which was on the verge of extinction due to a lack of successors, and in 2015, he encountered hemp decorations and was fascinated by their beauty and divinity, so he became a hemp decoration craftsman.
The name was chosen from the idea that by spreading hemp, ``we can make the world of peace come true''. In 2017, he met the painter Atsuki Settangeri Shuto, who discovered his potential as an artist. Since then, he has been working on creating unique and original works of art while adding arrangements to the ancient decorative knots. The motto in production is ``Be direct and honest with linen''. Through his works, he works with the desire to help many people learn about hemp and protect the Japanese traditions and culture that are associated with hemp.


2018 ISM Omotesando store “New Buddha Form Exhibition” (Omotesando, Tokyo)

2021 “Glowing Rough Exhibition” produced by Atsuki Settangeli (Shibuya, Tokyo)

2022 Produced by Atsuki Settangeli “Glowing Stone Exhibition 2” (Shibuya, Tokyo), 9th Japan Hemp Festival (Kanuma City, Tochigi), etc.

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