Collection: Jiunoameno

Born in 1993.
Multi-creator who loves colors
Original paintings are available at Casie, a rental painting subscription service.
Works are currently being posted on the art viewing app Mellow.
Operates the illustration download site ZIU-illustration.
2020 “Mellow Art Award 2020” Selected
group exhibition
2021 “Eating, eating, eating exhibition ~Second item~” AAA Gallery
2021 “SQUARE EXHIBITION2” Alcohol Museum Nakano Store
2022 “Cats and Birds” Gallery Bi-no-sha
2022 “Tsukushi Award 2022” Central Gallery
2022 “ZERO Exhibition 2020” GALLRY Tatsuya
Solo exhibition
2021 “Flower” Design Festa Gallery Harajuku
2022 “Design Festa vol.55”
2022 『GEISAI#21』

[Twitter] @INi17t

[Instagram] @amenorein