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[Artist name] Magnetic Artwork

[Production year] June 2022

[Orientation and size of work] 60 cm long x 60 cm wide (size selectable)

[With or without frame] No

Description of work:

the root of all life. You can create unlimited life force. All life forms are designed by this energy body. If you decorate your room, you can get hot energy. Let me link with your heart.

○ Specifications

We have tried printing on many types of paper, so we have carefully selected the finish. It will be shipped from the printing company. The paper type is thick glossy glossy paper. 255g/m2 (0.27mm) (Not a poster.) Because it is a giclee print, the colors are vivid and it has a heavy feeling.

○ You can choose the size from the following.

(200X200) 1,3200 yen
(250X250) 1,5000 Yen
(300X300) 1,7300 yen
(350X350) 2,000 yen
(400X400) 2,3100 yen
(450X450) 2,6600 yen
(500X500) 3,0500 yen
(600X600) 3,9600 yen
(700X700) 5,0400 yen
(800X800) 6,2800 yen
(900X900) 7,6900 yen
(1000X1000) 9,2600 yen

Note: This is a mass-produced product (reproduced original), not the original. The displayed image is an image photograph. Actual colors may vary due to computer settings. The above prices are for the original painting (without frame).

Artist details page:

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  • Shipping

    Once you purchase, we will arrange shipping.

    The artist will pack and ship the work while expressing his gratitude with his own hands.

    Once the artist has confirmed the shipment, the customer center will send a shipping completion email including a tracking number. Please check the delivery status from the tracking number provided in the email. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks from the completion of purchase to the arrival of the work.

  • Returns

    If there is a defect in the delivered work, please contact us within 7 days of the arrival of the work to return it.

    Please send the work within 7 days after receiving notification of return. After confirming the arrival of the work, we will process the refund within 7 days.