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[Artist name] _m_art

[Production year] November 2022

[Orientation and size of the work] Vertical, 33.4 cm x 24.2 cm

[With or without frame] No

Description of work:

[Acrylic paint, gesso, modeling paste, surface protection agent

Drawn in black and white, this work allows you to enjoy the raised textures here and there. It has a surface protection finish.

Please enjoy freely in your favorite direction.

It is easy to match with various rooms such as Japanese-style rooms, modern interiors, Scandinavian, industrial, and cafe styles, and when displayed, it will instantly give your room a sophisticated look. I wanted to create a powerful and impactful work.

We would be happy if you could help us create the atmosphere of your room. I hope you have a wonderful relationship.

It's very light, so you can easily hang it on the wall with hooks or thumbtacks.

*Excuse me, but it is also listed elsewhere, so if it sells elsewhere, I will give priority to the previous orderer and may hide this page. please note that.

* You can decorate it in various directions, up and down, left and right, as you like.

* Colors may look slightly different depending on your computer or mobile phone.

* Although the surface has been given a protective finish, there is a possibility that the uneven work will be scraped if it is dropped or hit hard. please note that. ]

Artist details:

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