Collection: idogaeru

"Nice to meet you, I'm idogaeru.

“Anyone can create an ideal future anytime if they believe in their own potential and push forward.”

I am working as a painter because I want people to believe in this.

I believe that [this moment] is important to create an ideal future at any time.

past and future.

By capturing the present from two aspects and focusing on the present, this work is filled with the desire to lead one's life in a more enjoyable and rich direction, and to obtain the various happiness that each value has. I would be happy if you could watch and use it as an opportunity to change something.

Please enjoy the many colorful and detailed works at your leisure. ”


Born in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture in 1984.

He has loved drawing since he was a child, aiming to become a manga artist at the age of 19, and learned drawing techniques in earnest while attending a vocational school.

After graduating, he became attracted to digital art with detailed depictions and colorful colors, and actively pursued a career as an illustrator.

After that, while working at a restaurant, he started activities such as making posters for solo exhibitions, backgrounds for TV commercials, and events.

In 2019, after appearing on Internet radio, it was decided to exhibit at the art fair at the Louvre in Paris to be held the following year. (*Exhibition will be changed in October 2021 due to the influence of the new corona)

Around this time, he focused not only on digital art, but also on analog art using acrylic gouache on canvas. We are constantly producing new works.

Through my activities and works, I want many people to feel that "anyone can create an ideal future if they believe in their own potential and push forward."

And in order to demonstrate that even someone born in a small town like myself can become an artist who can play an active role on the world stage,

The world's largest art fair in 2025

[Art Basel]

We are working hard with the goal of exhibiting at.