Collection: Magnetic Artwork

which world are you looking at? where is reality? This world reflects the world you see. It is very difficult to see the world outside oneself in the loop of social life. But actually, it's easy to see the world other than your own if you change the channel or mode. People can be happy with images, just like reading movies and books. No money. Let's create an environment where you can make a good message. However, it does not go well with daily work and stress. My paintings will help you create an environment where you can create a good image. Just by looking at it, you can move it from the real stage to another layer. At that time, a great energy is poured from your painting. And imagine a free world like a painting. And feel free to rewrite the profile of your heart so that your life becomes more enjoyable. No one gets mad at me. Then your body will be relaxed, and as the sun rises you will see your true nature. who are you