Collection: Yuko Nousaka

Born in 1961 in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Tokai University Junior College Department of Lifestyle Arts.
As a child, he became fascinated by Raphael's ``Madonna and Child'' and became a painter. With the theme of "unconditional love," this piece was created using the "golden background tempera classical technique", a classical technique from the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance period, and the "oil painting/tempera mixed technique" used during the Northern Renaissance period. His technique and style were recognized in Europe, and his works were included in the collections of the Monaco Royal Family and the Vatican's Holy See.
Since then, he has been invited to festivals and art fairs around the world, including New York, Paris, Shanghai, Italy, Germany, Edinburgh, and Australia. The works are exhibited in 42 cities in 24 countries around the world, giving viewers a sense of healing, peace, space, and stories.
Love for yourself, love for others, and love for the nature that surrounds you.
I hope to give unconditional love to those who view my work and to be a light that shows the way in the darkness.
In 2020, he began a series of myths and gods and Buddhas with motifs of prayer and healing through art, and continues to create works to keep the light of hope alive amidst the world's anxiety due to COVID-19.
In 2021, he published a picture book called ``Presence'' with the theme of ``The world is all connected through love.''
Currently, while continuing to present his works at exhibitions around the world, he also holds live painting, tempera painting workshops, picture books and art crafts, creative plays, etc. with his sister who is an English teacher in his hometown of Shizuoka to foster children's creativity. Engaging in activities.